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At Taste of Rice we believe that you should not have to settle for anything less than perfection, whether you are cooking a quick mid-week meal or preparing gourmet dinner for friends. That is why we have put all our effort, knowledge and expertise into creating dishes which taste amazing, are quick and easy to prepare and affordable.


We source our ingredients from around the world using only the very finest rices and raw produce available. Food is prepared using traditional cooking methods to ensure we deliver the best quality possible.  Finally, we spend the same care and attention you would use if you were cooking at home.  You could say that our dishes come from our kitchen to yours.


Our products are designed to help people who may not have the time or ability to prepare taste rice dishes. Our rices are already partly pre cooked and prepared to make your life hassle free.


These meals are also perfect to accompany other foods as part of a complete ethnic meal experience, be it Chinese, Indian or Mexican cuisine there is a rice to go with your dining experience.


Why not try our sister brand 'Taste of India' which offers a range of authentic Indian products including cooking sauces, pastes, dhal meals, vegetarian dishes and microwavable ready to eat meals and curries. www.taseofindiafoods.com

Foods Pacific Group


Taste of Rice brand is produced by Foods Pacific Group consisting of Foods Pacific, Tri-Pacific Marine and Pacific Feeds. The business has grown substantially from its established success with meat processing and canning, which has been the backbone of the company for many years. The company now produces many different food lines including ready to eat products, meals, sauces and foodservice products.


Foods Pacific has undertaken massive capital investment in recent years to expand and compete in the mainstream markets of Asia, Pacific, North America and Northern Europe.

















The Foods Pacific Group currently employs over 500 office and factory staff in the Pacific and have a highly skilled professional workforce that has been globally sourced. We have permanent representatives based in North America, Australia, New Zealand, India and United Kingdom with regional sales representation throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


We are strategically placed for exporting internationally as we are at the crossroads of many international shipping routes. The plant is located close to the port city of Suva, occupying several acres, and still boasts the largest canned food plant in the region with production outputs of up to 70,000 cans per shift for regional consumption.



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