Farmhouse Cheese &
Mushroom Rice Microwave Meal


A combination of fragrant rice, cheddar cheese, mushrooms & spices. A tasty, fast and convenient meal prepared with the finest ingredients of rice, vegetables and spices. This delicious steamed rice meal free is from artificial flavours, additives and preservatives.


Heating Instructions

         Microwave Method


Peel film back half way, microwave tray on full power for 2 minutes (Category E). Microwave ovens vary,
so adjust cooking times accordingly - 850 Watts/E (2 minutes heating, 30 seconds standing), 650 Watts/B (3 minutes heating, 30 seconds standing).


         Stir-Fry Method


Empty the tray into a frying pan and stir-fry for 2 minutes in a little vegetable oil.


Ensure food is piping hot when served.
Care must be taken when handling and opening a heated tray.


CAUTION: Do not re-heat this product after initial cooking.




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Serving  per package: 2

Serving Size: 125g




681 kJ

163 kcal


8.6 g


4.6 g

1.3 g


21.8 g

< 1 g


2.6 g


532.6 mg




851 kJ

203 kcal


10.8 g


5.8 g

1.6 g


27.2 g

< 1 g


3.3 g


665.8 mg


(in Calories)




Fat, total






Dietary Fibre




Ingredients & Allergy Advice

Cooked parboiled long grain rice (72%), mushrooms (18%), canola oil (4%), cream (2%), cheese (2%), butter, garlic, pepper, salt, bay leaf.


Suitable for vegetarians.


Made on equipment that processes dairy, nuts, soy, sesame products.


- Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.

- Don not consume if the tray is damaged of bloated.

- Store in a coll dry place.

Recipe Ideas

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Storage Advice

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